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The Pen is mightier than the Snake

Combo photo of two photos: PC for snake photo is Timothy Dykes via, and PC for pencil photo is Yono Bulis via his photography

This photo combines a photo of a pencil and a photo of a snake. I combined the two of these using a combination of Pixlr and Snapchat (Snapchat, weirdly enough, was very easy to use for photo editing, especially for some of the minute details Pixlr couldn’t get easily fix).

Initially, I was hoping to combine a photo of a black snake’s with a pen tip, which I thought would look cool, but when I saw the photo of the snake, I quickly visualized a pencil combining with the snake’s tail. The colors seemed to fit in my imagination, and I found this particular combophoto to be striking as the snake’s tail abruptly (perhaps a bit too much) ends and becomes a pencil. I took the photo of the pencil myself, and after deciding on these two images, I set off to use Pixlr.

Through Pixlr, I was able to combine the photos into one, but the colors did not exactly match and one could very clearly see the line separating the two photos. So, on a hunch, I took the photo I had and went to Snapchat, which I’d used for some photo editing before. Snapchat is very user-friendly for photo editing, so I was able to do some round-edge cropping to both fix the color and make it so that the line separating the two photos wasn’t so obvious. Some issues present are that the tip of the pencil is a bit blurry, and in some areas there seem to be ‘creases’ that mark crop work. Overall, this image, to me, conveys the notion that hard work hurts. After spending a long time writing for notes or other work, my pencil often feels like a small snake gnawing on my fingers and wrists.

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