Game Comparison Reflection Post

In my Game Comparison essay, My argument is that Gris and Depression Quest demonstrate that success in recovery from trauma stems from consciously and actively working towards healing. I do this by showing that in the way they differ, Gris portrays a better picture of improving oneself while Depression Quest demonstrates the danger of being passive in recovery stages. Writing this inductive essay was weird – I’m not used to putting my thesis at the end, and my final paragraph had reasoning of its own, not just echoes, which was also new. One thing that surprised me about games in this essay is that game development is very complex. From the player end, it seems very basic apart from a few graphics, but there’s a lot of thinking that goes into each character and the decisions they make. Finally, I thought that writing this paper was a very interesting task – I’ve never actually analyzed a game (much less two) in an analytical essay, so this was a new experience for me. I think the discussions we had in class made it clear what evidence we should use in our argument.

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