Side Quest 10

Rules: Claim one of the three pieces as your own. Start at Literacy Narrative, move clockwise using dice. You must master the following at the following tiles to move forward: Game Comparison: Create inner meaning from two games and then use their similarities and differences to understand an important facet of recovery from trauma. DepressionContinue reading “Side Quest 10”

Twine Reflection

I would say that my most important contribution was integrating the ‘Groundhog Day’ idea into the project. Prior to this, our group was considering doing a narrative style gameplay, with multiple long storylines. We still maintained elements of this, but by adding an element of daily repetition, a la “Groundhog Day”, it better represented theContinue reading “Twine Reflection”

Side Quest 8

Initially, I had no idea how to start doing this assignment. I knew I wanted to represent the Endomembrane system for my Biology Exam, but I truly had no idea how to do that, so I started by drawing a Protein using the app Waze, because they have no idea where to go. From there,Continue reading “Side Quest 8”

Side Quest 9

This is a scene from The Godfather. I do not think it is exactly word for word. I did my best to dress up like Don Corleone and to imitate the unique lighting of the film’s opening scene.

Player Narrative Final Draft

Yono Bulis 10/18/2020 Good Problems As a game player, I’ve been most influenced by the triangle of chess, Minecraft, and fantasy football, whose unique required skill sets morphed me into someone who found new passions and interests.  The first time I played chess, I quickly emerged victorious against my younger sister, who, I should probablyContinue reading “Player Narrative Final Draft”

Side Quest 7

In today’s world, everybody is always showing the best version of themselves, so I wanted to make a video that also showed the numerous failures that led to eventual success. I also thought the Circus music (cited below) would be funny. The behind-the-back throw is a staple of difficult throws, the golden standard. When IContinue reading “Side Quest 7”

Gris Post

I’ve just secured my second white ball, or wisp, and so far this game has stood out in a few ways. Firstly, the vast amount of emotion expressed by a character whose face is only barely visible is masterfully done. Gris is simply broken, and you can tell by the way that she fell/sat downContinue reading “Gris Post”


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