Fantasy Football Podcast Assistant Producer Reflection

Our group initially was planning on doing Madden as our game, but we found that Fantasy Football is a richer, more analyzable game, even though the game itself is a bit simpler. After deciding that we were doing Fantasy Football, we split up the work. I would say that I wrote a lot for theContinue reading “Fantasy Football Podcast Assistant Producer Reflection”

Game Comparison Reflection Post

In my Game Comparison essay, My argument is that Gris and Depression Quest demonstrate that success in recovery from trauma stems from consciously and actively working towards healing. I do this by showing that in the way they differ, Gris portrays a better picture of improving oneself while Depression Quest demonstrates the danger of beingContinue reading “Game Comparison Reflection Post”

Player Narrative Final Draft

Yono Bulis 10/18/2020 Good Problems As a game player, I’ve been most influenced by the triangle of chess, Minecraft, and fantasy football, whose unique required skill sets morphed me into someone who found new passions and interests.  The first time I played chess, I quickly emerged victorious against my younger sister, who, I should probablyContinue reading “Player Narrative Final Draft”

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