Twine Reflection

I would say that my most important contribution was integrating the ‘Groundhog Day’ idea into the project. Prior to this, our group was considering doing a narrative style gameplay, with multiple long storylines. We still maintained elements of this, but by adding an element of daily repetition, a la “Groundhog Day”, it better represented the grueling nature of quarantine, as most people can attest to the fact that for at least a short period during quarantine, life felt like you were doing the same thing every day, over and over again. 

One new technical skill I learned in doing this project includes using Twine to storyboard a situation with numerous options. As an aspiring screenwriter, this is a great online tool for planning narratives, as it allows for multiple different storylines based on a character decision. I would say the way me and my group approached this project was very different to the way we approached our podcast episodes, because in our podcast episodes we tried to first develop our argument based on the game’s medium, but in the Twine game, we had to sort of work backwards by creating a medium that fostered an understanding of what Senior quarantine was like. I’m hoping to use these skills as a creator – in writing stories, creating games, or even animating/doing art, I plan to make use of my work in developing a strong medium to express meaning.

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